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#18 DODOCase for J. Crew for iPad 2 $79.95 | What GuySpy Wrapped for the Hipster Guy

He spends more of his time reading e-books and talking politics at the Starbucks around the corner. Usually you don’t understand what he’s wearing and you think he should take a shower more often (even thou he just took one);  but still, you love him because his your best friend.

The DODOCase for J. Crew is a fantastic gift option for him. Vintage inspired but hip enough to make it to The Sartorialist blog; we assure you he’ll love it so much, he won’t stop posting pictures of it on Instagram.

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#12 Knot Cuff Links Brooks Brothers $9.00 | What GuySpy Wrapped for the Dapper Guy

If you’re friend is a regular in "The Sartorialist" Blog and he’s also so well put together; he looks like he just walked out of one of the fashion editorials of GQ Magazine, this is an appropriate  gift.

This Knot Cuff Links come in different colors, are strong, durable and a low cost alternative to the traditional cuff links. He can color coordinated whit the rest of his outfit, creating a even better look. Absolutely conceptual and fashion forward.

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